Reverse osmosis chemicals

Products Description


Type- Chemical

Purity- 99.80%

Use- Industrial


Feature-Eco Friendly

Storage- Store in a Cool Place

Reverse Osmosis Chemicals (VCHEM 2010) is a membrane antiscalant. In membranes system higher permeate recovery are limited by calcium carbonate and sulphate scales.

VCHEM 2010 has found application as an antiscalant and antifoulant in a wide selection of brackish, high salinity, process and effluent waters.



Product Benefits


Superior control of calcium carbonate scale. Iron and silica dispersant quality. Compatibleith  all types of membranes. Extends useful membranes life. The product is effective over a broad spectrum of waters. Self life period of more than 2 years.



Typical Properties


Appearance : Light yellow

Density : 1.2 approx.

pH : Alkaline Flash

Point : None





VCHEM 2010 is available in 25,35,50 and 200 Ltrs drum.



Normal Dosage


VCHEM 2010 should be dosed 3-10ppm. For Maximum control continuous dosing is

desirable, using a dosing system.

Note : Reverse Osmosis Chemicals (VCHEM 2010) finds applications in the following






Product Performance Parameters Performance Parameters

LSI 2.5 May exceeded in some condition, in concentrate. 

Calcium Sulphate 225 % Max. Saturation Limit Related to water Input 

Strontium sulphate 600% Max. Saturation Limit As above 

Barium Sulphate 6000% Max Saturation Limit As above

Silica 180% Max Saturation Limit May be exceeded