Cooling Water Treatment Chemical (VCHEM 106)

 Products Description 

ApplicationCooling Water
Packaging size50ltr
TypeCooling Water Chemicals
Packaging TypeDrum, Plastic Can
Physical StateLiquid
Shelf lifeLong

Our Cooling Water Treatment Chemical (VCHEM 106) Micobicide has an ability of VCHEM-106 Micobicide to control the growth of microorganisms effectively. It combines with the cell wall and cytoplasmic membrane and after adsorption and infiltration of the cytoplasmic membrane forms colloidal solution with the cytoplasm and precipitates protein. This derives protein precipitation is known for the removal of bacteria.


 Effectively Controls 



 Demanded For 

Paper mill water systems
Oil well brines
Drilling mud
Latex emulsions
Coating materials




100 to 200 PPm (Part Per million) Alternate week / Day





Avoid contact with eyes or prolonged contact skin. Do not take internally. In case of contact
with skin, wash with plenty of water. In case of contact with eyes, flush water and get prompt
medical aid.



pH 10 ± 1
Appearance Liquid
Specific Gravity 1.0 ± 0.1
Colour Colorless to pale yellow liquid
Solubility in water Infinite