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Cooling Water Treatment Chemical (VCHEM 104)

Cooling Water Treatment Chemical (VCHEM 104)

Cooling Water Treatment Chemical (VCHEM 104) is a blend of organic and inorganic scale and corrosion inhibitor. The product is stable over a wide range of temperature and pH variation and provide scale and corrosion control over wide range of water qualities and operational condition.

Pretreatment :
Like most film forming corrosion inhibitor maximum protection is afforded if a pretreatment period is adopted. VCHEM 104 is dosed for a period of 5 days at the start of the treatment programme enabling a strong film to be build up quickly. Similarly should the normal dosage be interrupted for any length of time, an elevated dosage for a short period of time will re-establish maximum protection in the shortest possible time.

Normal Dosage 3 :
VCHEM 104 should be dosed to maintain a minimum reserve of 100ml/m in the system water at all times. For Maximum control continuous dosing is desirable, using a water meter controlled dosing system.

Typical Properties :
  • Appearance : Clear Colourless to light yellow
  • Density : 1.3 approx.
  • pH : Slightly Acidic
  • Flash Point : None
  • Volatility : Non –Volatile

Packing :
VCHEM 104 is available in 50 and 200 Ltrs drum.

Note : Cooling Water Treatment Chemical (VCHEM 104) finds applications in the following installations.

  • Item Code : C-T-5

  • Item Code : C-T-6

  • Item Code : FRP CT - 4

  • Item Code : FRP Cooling Tower

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