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Boiler Water Treatment Chemical (VCHEM 115)

The Boiler Water Treatment Chemical (VCHEM 115) Oxygen Scavanger that we offer is a combination of various chemicals in the form of a crystalline powder. Our Boiler Water Treatment Chemical (VCHEM 115) Oxygen Scavanger searches the dissolved oxygen from the boiler-feed water. This (VCHEM 115) Oxygen Scavanger provides protection to the boiler. It has a catalyst which effects de-oxygenation.

Applicable To Boiler Operating At :

  • Low pressures
  • Medium pressures
  • High pressures

Offered In :

  • 35 kilogram HDPE Drums
  • 50 kilogram HDPE Drums
  • 200 kilogram HDPE Drums

Dosage :
A 10-15% solution to be prepared in distilled or D M water and the dosing should be carried out in a closed system to avoid atmospheric contact. The dosing of VCHEM: 115 depend on the feed water temperature. Normally a residual of 20-30 ppm of VCHEM: 115 to be maintained in the boiler drum.

Precautions :

  • Though VCHEM : 115 is non hazardous chemical, it may cause irritation on the skin. In case of contact, wash with plenty of water.
  • Store VCHEM : 115 in dry and moist free conditions. The container to be sealed after use.


Type Boiler Water Treatment Chemicals
Color Blue
Purity 99%
Packaging Type Drum, Plastic Can
Physical State Liquid
Packaging size 50ltr

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