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Boiler Water Treatment Chemical (VCHEM 110)

We formulate Boiler Water Treatment Chemical (VCHEM 110) from quality materials. Effective against the sludge formed inside the Boiler drum, this (VCHEM 110) is a combination of phosphates with polymeric organic compounds. Our VCHEM-110 avoids crystallization of scale forming compounds. Our (VCHEM 110) forms magnesium hydroxide and calcium phosphate with magnesium ions and calcium ions. It contains polymeric compounds the prevent foaming in the boiler drum.

Used :
  • In medium pressure boilers
  • As a phosphate conditioning agent

Offered In :
  • 35 kilogram HDPE Drums
  • 50 kilogram HDPE Drums
  • 200 kilogram HDPE Drums

Dosage :
In order to maintain boiler free from scaling, the dosage of VCHEM-110 should be regular as per our recommendations and the residuals to be maintained in the range of 15-30 ppm in the boiler drum. VCHEM-110 is to be dosed by means of a dosing pump either to the Boiler Drum or to feed water tank.

Precautions :
VCHEM-110 is non hazardous and non toxic chemical; however the contact with eyes should be avoided. Wash with excess water and seek medical advice in case of contact with eyes.


pH 2 to 6
Physical State Liquid
Odour Odourless
Specific Gravity 1.05 ± 0.05


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