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Boiler Water Treatment Chemical (VCHEM 101)

Boiler Water Treatment Chemical (VCHEM 101)

Boiler Water Treatment Chemical (VCHEM 101) is a sludge conditioner based on low molecular weight copolymer. This synthetic polymer is designed to produce light finely divided particles which are non adherent and easily removed in blowdown.

VCHEM 101 is highly stable and does not decompose under high pressure ( 100 Kg/Cm 2) and temperature.

Typical Properties :
  • Appearance : Amber liquid
  • Density : 1.1 approx.
  • pH : Alkaline Flash
  • Point : None
  • Volatility : Non -Volatile

Treatment :
VCHEM 101 is normally dosed so as to maintain the boiler water concentration between 100 to 500 mg/l in the boiler water. The correct treatment level for scale prevention depends on operating condition such as the boiler pressure and the alkalinity of the boiler water.

Dosing :
VCHEM 101 viscosity allows it to be dosed by conventional dosage pumps, without dilution, but it may be diluted if desired.

VCHEM 101 is not corrosive in concentrated or diluted form to steel mixing tanks or dosage pumps. Dosing direct to feed tank is recommended in single boiler installation.

Packing :
VCHEM 101 is available in 50 and 200 Ltrs drum.

Note : Boiler Water Treatment Chemical (VCHEM 101) finds applications in the following installations.

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